Where the Cats Will Not Follow

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Where The Cats - 04

Angst-ridden young man, Ayden, finds himself held captive by his former friend, Phillip. Phillip believes Ayden holds the key to finding Ginger, his missing girlfriend.

This shocking claim forces Ayden to revisit the adolescent world he shared with his older brother, Everett. It is a world where truth is uncertain and dreams and imagination blur with reality. Everett insists Ayden possesses powers of clairvoyance and has the ability to conjure entities from his imagination. As Everett pushes Ayden into increasingly darker territories, events turn deadly.

Digging into this murky past, Ayden and Phillip awaken old demons they must face as they race to find Ginger.

Where the Cats Will Not Follow is a surreal coming-of-age horror novel.

In the Graveyard Antemortem
Audio Book
Coming Spring 2018 to Audible, iTunes, & Amazon
Lisa Jacobs is dreading spending the summer at her uncle’s sprawling funeral home and cemetery — but could Grand Hallow hide the truth behind her father’s gruesome murder? And if it does… can she live long enough to tell the tale?

In the Graveyard Antemortem - Audio

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