The Trick

Prologue From:

I found myself lost in an apple orchard at dusk. It was so foggy, I couldn’t make out the trees. I could only see the ends of their twisted, pointy branches. Behind the cloak of fog, I could hear scurrying and hushed chatter. I knew it was the monsters. They were waiting patiently in the mist for the right moment to attack and devour me.Where The Cats - 04

I stepped forward blindly, hugging myself, waiting for the inevitable to happen—when suddenly, down the center of the path, the fog parted. Through the tunnel of swirling fog, Everett appeared, riding a bike. As he pedaled toward me, it looked as if he had just broken free from a smoldering fire. Behind the bike, he pulled a makeshift rickshaw. It looked like something he had made himself. Nothing more than a large wicker basket on wheels.

When he reached me, he climbed off the bike and gently lowered the kickstand before steadying the frame in the loose gravel. I couldn’t help but find the juxtaposition humorous: our ominous surroundings and him casually riding a bike through them. Moreover, taking the time to assure he had parked it properly.

“You know, they won’t get you if they think you’re already dead,” he reminded me.

“I know,” I replied. But I always forgot.

He pulled a sheet out of the basket and motioned for me to climb inside. So I did. He draped the sheet over my body. Since it was too small to conceal me completely, I hung over the edge with my arms stretched low and my head limp, trying my best to look like a corpse. As he began to pedal, I heard the grunts and whispers of the monsters slinking out from the trees and spilling onto the path. They crept behind us curiously, cautiously. Close enough to grab my dangling arms. Close enough to pull me deep into the murky night. Yet they did not.

Everett pedaled through the orchard. He pedaled until the fog lifted. He pedaled until dawn. The trick worked. Of course it did.

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Ayden finds himself held captive by his former friend, Phillip. Phillip believes Ayden holds the key to finding Ginger, his missing girlfriend.

This shocking claim forces Ayden to revisit the adolescent world he shared with his older brother, Everett. It is a world where truth is uncertain and dreams and imagination blur with reality. Everett insists Ayden possesses powers of clairvoyance and has the ability to conjure entities from his mind. As Everett pushes Ayden into increasingly darker territories, events turn deadly.

Digging into this murky past, Ayden and Phillip awaken old demons they must face as they race to find Ginger.

Where the Cats Will Not Follow is a strange journey into the mind of a troubled young man who may be delusional—or may in fact possess the extraordinary abilities he was believed to once hold.

Horror/Dark Fantasy/Coming of Age

Where the Cats Will Not Follow is a beautiful example of a novel that refuses to live within the confines of one genre and is all the better for it. It’s a quality fusion of fantasy, horror and surrealism with the continual bleeding of a nightmarish dream-world into reality. Prepare for a unique coming of age tale. Highly recommended.” -Tony Jones, Read full review